My node.js implementation of Oslo Gigs.
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This effort has come from a desire to learn about Node.js so I spent a weekend going through the tutorial at Node Beginner (which I recommend) and I ended up re-writing the server side of Oslo Gigs.

Oslo Gigs was my 'learn JavaScript/Python' app. It's essentially a Google Maps with numbered markers that designate the price of a pint of beer at different venues.

I originally wrote it to work on Google Appengine with their data store. Then I moved to Appengine based REST API. Then I thought a Node.js implementation might be fun to learn and that's what we've got here. It's a Heroku hosted node.js app using ExpressJS with Jade templating engine. All of this JavaScript wouldn't be the same without some data to process and that's handled by the new but awesome Parse REST API.

Also check out this very useful page of Node related links.

All of the pretty front end is of course from jQuery Mobile.

The time module is Moment.js.