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The easiest way to install StupidGit is to download one of its binary releases:

If you want to run the latest, unreleased version of StupidGit, simply clone
the StupidGit repository to any place you want. You can either run StupidGit
from this directory or create a binary release with one of the following

  - Windows:
    - setup.py py2exe
    - setup.iss (press F9 and then Ctrl-F9 to create a setup package)
  - Ubuntu Linux: make builddeb
  - Mac OS X: make buildapp
  - Other systems: python setup.py install

For creating binary releases you will need to install Python >=2.5, wxPython,
setuptools and py2exe+InnoSetup/debhelper scripts/py2app, respectively.

Running StupidGit

To run StupidGit, you will need the following packages:
- Python >= 2.5
  - Windows: http://www.python.org/download/
  - Ubuntu Linux: installed by default
  - OS X: installed by default
- wxPython >= 2.8
  - Windows: http://www.wxpython.org/download.php
  - Ubuntu Linux: apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8
  - OS X Leopard: installed by default.
  - OS X Snow Leopard: installed by default, but you should make sure
    that Python is running in 32 bit mode.
- Git >= 1.6
  ... if this is not installed yet, you probably don't need this program ;)
  StupidGit is tested with the standard git-core package on Ubuntu,
  the MacPorts git-core package on OS X and msysgit on Windows.

StupidGit will search git binary on the following locations:
- on Unix platforms: /opt/local/bin (for MacPorts), /usr/local/git/bin (OSX build)
- on Windows: C:\Program Files\Git\bin (default path for msysgit)

On unix systems it is useful to create a symlink to
<StupidGit_dir>/bin/stupidgit from a directory which is in the PATH. If you
invoke stupidgit from a directory which is inside a git repository, it will
open that repo by default (just as gitk does).

External merge tools:

It is advised to install an external merge tool for StupidGit. Currently the
following tools are supported:

  - Windows: WinMerge
  - OS X: DiffMerge
  - Unix (including OS X): meld

Merge tools are searched in PATH and in their default installation


You are welcome to contribute to this project! See the wiki on GitHub for