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Course website for CSE 284 Spring 2020
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Course website for CSE 284 Spring 2020

This page is no longer being maintained. All material will be updated on Canvas this quarter. Note: for Spring 2020, due to the COVID-19 situation, this entire course will be held remotely. No in-person attendance is required.

Under construction!

See the course syllabus for more details.


Lecture slides and zoom recordings will be posted here and on Canvas throughout the quarter.
Assignments will be posted on our course JupyterHub at
We will use Piazza for discussions about assignments.
Grades will be posted on Canvas.
To see material from a previous offering of this course, see



Module Week Date Lecture Problem Sets Journal Club
Intro 1 03/30/20 (M) Introduction to your genome
Ancestry 1 04/01/20 (W) Basic population genetics JC1 questions due
2 04/06/20 (M) Phasing and imputation ps1 due
2 04/08/20 (W) Determining ancestry
3 04/13/20 (M) Relative finding
3 04/15/20 (W) Genetic Genealogy, Web 2.0 Genomics ps2 due
Trait prediction 4 04/20/20 (M) Mendelian(ish) traits
4 04/22/20 (W) Intro to GWAS JC2 questions due
5 04/27/20 (M) Risk prediction
5 04/29/20 (W) Missing heritability ps3 due
Next-generation sequencing 6 05/04/20 (M) Introduction to NGS
6 05/06/20 (W) Short read alignment and variant calling JC3 questions due
7 05/11/20 (M) Filtering and prioritizing variants
7 05/13/20 (W) Functional genomics Project proposal due
8 05/18/20 (M) Clinical genome sequencing
8 05/20/20 (W) Long read technologies ps4 due
9 05/25/20 (M) No lecture - Memorial Day
Special topics 9 05/27/20 (W) Improving diversity in genomics JC4 questions due
10 06/01/20 (M) Ethical considerations in personal genomics
10 06/03/20 (W) Project presentations Project due
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