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Mailjet API wrapper for PHP 5.3


  • PHP >= 5.3.3
  • CURL extension for PHP
  • a Mailjet account with your apiKey and apiSecret (subscribe at

How to use

Install vendors

After cloning or downloading this library, just hit your favorite terminal with :

$ curl -s | php
$ php composer.phar install


This library is using PSR-0 autoloading conventions helped by the Composer :

require_once path/to/vendor/.composer/autoload.php';

Create a Connection

$connection = Mailjet\Connection\Curl('MAILJET_API_KEY', 'MAILJET_API_SECRET');

You can customize Mailjet connection with options :

$connection->setOption('protocol', 'https');
$connection->setOption('output', 'xml');

Choose your API

Mailjet API is divided into 4 types and each type has a dedicated class :

  • Contact
  • Lists
  • Message
  • User

Instanciate an API is like :

$mailjet = new Mailjet\Api\Lists($connection);
$results = $mailjet->getAll();


Credits goes to J.Wage as an inspiration for classes structure.

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