WebExtension for saving media, links, or selections into user-defined directories
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A web extension for Firefox and Chrome.

Adds a context menu to save media {image, video, audio, link, selection, page} in user-defined folders or directories relative to the default download location.

Save into dynamically named directories.

Flexible rules-based download renaming and routing.

Option to save as shortcuts {.url, .desktop, .html redirect}.

The WebExtension API only allows saving into directories relative to the default download directory. Symlinks can be used to get around this limitation:


ln -s /path/to/actual /default_download_dir/symlink


mklink /d \default_download_dir\symlink \path\to\actual

Make sure the actual directories exist, or downloads will silently fail.

  • <all_urls> permission is used to get around CORS on HTTP HEAD requests (to check for Content-Disposition headers)
  • tabs permission is used to get the active page's title.
  • webRequest permissions are required to inject the Referer header on downloads (disabled by default)

Configure before use.


  1. Install dev dependencies yarn install
  2. yarn d to start a dev Firefox instance using web-ext
  3. Develop
  4. yarn prettier and/or yarn prettier:write
  5. yarn lint and/or yarn lint:fix
  6. yarn test and/or yarn test:watch


ZIP file

  1. yarn build to create a zip in web-ext-artifacts directory


  1. Get API keys from here
  2. Set environment variables WEB_EXT_API_KEY (JWT issuer) and WEB_EXT_API_SECRET
  3. yarn build:firefox:submit to sign and upload to AMO (Firefox Addons), or manually upload at Firefox Addons
  4. yarn build:firefox:submit also generates an XPI for manual distribution
  5. Add https://github.com/yuku-t/textcomplete/releases in the comments when uploading.


  1. Go here
  2. Upload built ZIP file

Notes for reviewers

Third-party dependencies


The archive containing this library can be downloaded from https://github.com/yuku-t/textcomplete/releases/download/v0.17.1/textcomplete-0.17.1.tgz

The vendored source for the minified Textcomplete library is obtained from within the archive located at package/dist/textcomplete.min.js

This link to the archive was retrieved from https://github.com/yuku-t/textcomplete/releases. The minified source is included with the source of this addon in src/options/vendor/textcomplete/textcomplete.min.js

yarn install installs the dependencies for the library yarn build:dist builds the distribution for the library