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README.markdown - Homepage of Günter Kits

  1. Description

  2. License

  3. Building on *nix

  4. Support

  5. Contributing

  6. Author

  7. Description provides a simple responsive Jekyll template using Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome. It also contains the content of my homepage

It is based on a work "Simplex" created by Thomas Park and "Bootstrap 3 Affix Sidebar" created by Carol Skelly at

The Jekyll configuration is defined and documented in _config.yml.

Thanks to Michael Lanyon for tags alphabetizing code.

  1. License

This software is licensed as described in the file LICENSE.markdown, which You should have received as part of this distribution. The terms are also available at

  1. Building on *nix

Building dependencies:

Easiest way is to get those from the official website or via package repository.

Install Bundler using RubyGems as root:

sudo gem install bundler

Install Jekyll and related gems using Bundler:

bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Note: it's not recommended to install packages with Bundler as root!

Build the code:

bundle exec jekyll build
  1. Support

Issue tracker can be found at

  1. Contributing

  • Files containing HTML syntax must have .html extension;
  • Use .markdown extension for markdown files only;
  • Use only imperative mood in commit messages:
    • Bad: "Fixing issue A";
    • Good: "Fix issue A";
    • Bad: "Added feature B";
    • Good: "Add feature B".
  • Write code as much as possible according to the rules described in PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code. Try to use same style for all programming languages.
  1. Authors


Homepage of Günter Kits




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