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  1. Checkboxes is an extension for the jQuery DataTables library that provides universal solution for working with checkboxes in a table.

    JavaScript 139 57

  2. PageLoadMore is a plug-in for the jQuery DataTables that allows to load more content with "Load More" button

    JavaScript 14 7

  3. AlphabetSearch is a feature plug-in for the jQuery DataTables library that provides A-Z alphabetical search feature.

    JavaScript 11 6

  4. JavaScript function that uses HTML5 canvas element to creates effect of burning text with an ability to customize colors, fonts, speed and other parameters.

    9 8

  5. jPlayer Jukebox is add-on to jPlayer that allows to play media files on the page by scanning all links and adding them to a playlist.

    JavaScript 8 9

  6. Bash script that provides command-line interface to Rackspace Cloud Files and includes multi-region support.

    Shell 6 3


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