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from fabric.api import settings, abort, local, cd, sudo, env
from fabric.contrib.console import confirm
env.hosts = ['']
def test():
"""Run django tests."""
with settings(warn_only=True):
result = local('./ test front')
if result.failed and not confirm("Tests failed. Continue anyway?"):
abort("Aborting at user request.")
def push():
"""Do everything needed before deployment."""
local('git push')
def deploy_untested():
"""Prepare & run deployment without testing."""
code_dir = '/var/www/studentenportal'
with cd(code_dir):
sudo('git pull', user='django')
sudo('VIRTUAL/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt', user='django')
sudo('VIRTUAL/bin/pip install -r requirements_prod.txt', user='django')
sudo('VIRTUAL/bin/python collectstatic --noinput --clear --settings=settings_prod', user='django')
sudo('/etc/init.d/supervisor restart')
def deploy():
"""Prepare, test & run deployment."""