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Video Processing with Opencv and Python
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Video Processing Project

This project is a video Processing Project. Opencv library and Python used.

About Video Processing Project

Census was made by finding objects in the video. In the following stages of the project, a faulty object finding and a faulty picture will be transferred to the official IOT system. The erroneous image transferred to the IOT system will be moved to the targeted location with the help of the robot arm, and as a result, two different types of products will be produced that are successful and unsuccessful on the conveyor belt. The error rates of these products will be calculated using the machine learning algorithm with a rational approach. Minimum defective product will be aimed. An investor is expected for the further stages of the project. It is an open source presentation of the targeted project and everyone is benefiting from the project.

What was used

You must have python programming language installed on your computer to start the project. Numpy library for arrays in which the object's binary codes are retained and scanned according to these codes. The mathplotlib library for drawing for testing purposes. OpenCv library for video processing and image discovery algorithms. These libraries must be installed on your computer.

Project Startup Stages

Pull project from GIT repository

git clone

Click here to download the Anaconda integrated deployment and download the appropriate installation file for your computer (Windows & MacOS & Linux). Open the Anaconda prompt and paste the following code

conda install -c conda-forge opencv

Everything's ready now. Just compile.

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