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x Instanced rendering
x Framebuffer objects
x glMapBuffer* should block if an operation on the buffer is still pending.
- Better-performing glMapBuffer.
- Less conservative approach to buffer mapping & GPU cache invalidation.
- (Finish) object "orphaning"
- Programs orphanable
- Disposal of orphaned objects
- Flushing and orphan cleanup policy
x Handle timestamp overflow
- Integer vertex specification.
- format conversion (take this from mesa).
- test mipmapping
- cube maps
- rectangular textures
x implement glTexStorage*()
- implement glCopyTexImage*() and glCopyTexSubImage*()
- proxy textures
- implement the effects of glPixelStore
- Support for GLES2-style client vertex data.
- Support for GLES2-style application object namespaces.
- Implement glGet*() functions.
- More GLSL support.
- Make it possible to work with non-EGL configured display.
x Move object storage from globals to context.
- Support multiple contexts with shared objects.
- __restrict keyword where appropriate.
x Add libstdc++.a to libGL.a, so that client code doesn't need to use g++ to
- oglsamples
x Vertex program textures
x Query objects