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I was missing glPixelStorei in a previous version and saw that the most recent version seems to include this, so I git pulled and tried compiling from source but compilation seems to fail somewhere -

I've provided a pastie -

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Looks like it's failing during a step where it compiles GLSL-related pieces of Mesa. Might be a python version problem; I think it requires 2.6. Which version of python are you using? If it's not 2.6, try installing 2.6 and then re-configure RSXGL like this:

configure PYTHON=/path/to/python-2.6-exe


Yeah, seems I have Python 3.2.3 - I have installed python2.7 now as well in Arch Linux and it seems to progress now, thanks.

Steps should be undertaken though (on both the PSL1GHT side and RSXGL here) to make sure that the Python scripts are updated so that the scripts run with Python 3 so that we don't have to depend on a legacy version of Python like this.

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I had similar issues on ubuntu 12.10 compiling the GLSL during the build. The default python2.7 works fine.

1.) It turned out that "makedepend" command was not installed on the system, and no error was emitted due to the "2>/dev/null". I had to install the xutils-dev package for this.

2.) Compiling GLSL in the samples failed do to the nv40c script, I had to change the interpreter from "#!/bin/sh" to "#!/bin/bash" for function support.

3.) The last issue was the missing "cgc" command, which was fixed after installing the nvidia-cg-toolkit package.

Hope this helps anyone who comes across the issue.

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