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Open Asset Import Library (Assimp)
Developers and Contributors
The following is the list of all constributors.
Thanks for your help!
- Alexander Gessler,
3DS-, BLEND-, ASE-, DXF-, HMP-, MDL-, MD2-, MD3-, MD5-, MDC-, NFF-, PLY-, STL-, RAW-, OFF-, MS3D-, Q3D- and LWO-Loader, Assimp-Viewer, assimp-cmd, -noboost, Website (Admin and Design).
- Thomas Schulze,
X-, Collada-, BVH-Loader, Postprocessing framework. Data structure & Interface design, documentation.
- Kim Kulling,
Obj-Loader, Logging system, Scons-build environment, CMake build environment, Linux build.
- R.Schmidt,
Linux build, eclipse support.
- Matthias Gubisch,
Visual Studio 9 support, bugfixes.
- Mark Sibly
B3D-Loader, Assimp testing
- Jonathan Klein
Ogre Loader
- Sebastian Hempel,
PyAssimp (first version)
Compile-Bugfixes for mingw, add enviroment for static library support in make.
- Jonathan Pokrass
Supplied a bugfix concerning the scaling in the md3 loader.
- Andrew Galante,
Submitted patches to make Assimp compile with GCC-4, a makefile and the xcode3 workspace.
- Andreas Nagel
First Assimp testing & verification under Windows Vista 64 Bit.
- Marius Schröder
Allowed us to use many of his models for screenshots and testing.
- Christian Schubert
Supplied various XFiles for testing purposes.
- Tizian Wieland
Searched the web for hundreds of test models for internal use
- John Connors
Supplied patches for linux and SCons.
- T. R.
The GUY who performed some of the CSM mocaps.
- Andy Maloney
Contributed fixes for the documentation and the doxygen markup
- Zhao Lei
Contributed several bugfixes fixing memory leaks and improving float parsing
- sueastside
Updated PyAssimp to the latest Assimp data structures and provided a script to keep the Python binding up-to-date.
- Tobias Rittig
Collada testing with Cinema 4D
- Brad Grantham
Improvements in OpenGL-Sample.
- Robert Ramirez
Add group loading feature to Obj-Loader.
- Chris Maiwald
Many bugreports, improving Assimp's portability, regular testing & feedback.
- Stepan Hrbek
Bugreport and fix for a obj-materialloader crash.
- David Nadlinger
D bindings, CMake install support.
- Dario Accornero
Contributed several patches regarding Mac OS/XCode targets, bug reports.
- Martin Walser (Samhayne)
Contributed the 'SimpleTexturedOpenGl' sample.
- Matthias Fauconneau
Contributed a fix for the Q3-BSP loader.
- Jørgen P. Tjernø
Contributed updated and improved xcode workspaces
- drparallax
Contributed the /samples/SimpleAssimpViewX sample
- Carsten Fuchs
Contributed a fix for the Normalize method in aiQuaternion.
- dbburgess
Contributes a Android-specific build issue: log the hardware architecture for ARM.
- alfiereinre7
Contributes a obj-fileparser fix: missing tokens in the obj-token list.
- Roman Kharitonov
Contributes a fix for the configure script environment.
- Ed Diana
Contributed AssimpDelphi (/port/AssimpDelphi).
- rdb
Contributes a bundle of fixes and improvments for the bsp-importer.
- Mick P
For contributing the De-bone postprocessing step and filing various bug reports.
- Rosen Diankov
Contributed patches to build assimp debian packages using cmake.
- Mark Page
Contributed a patch to fix the VertexTriangleAdjacency postprocessing step.
- IOhannes
Contributed the Debian build fixes ( architecture macro ).
- gellule
Several LWO and LWS fixes (pivoting).