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Open Asset Import Library (assimp) INSTALL
Getting the documentation
A regularly-updated copy is available at
A CHM file is included in the SVN repos: ./doc/AssimpDoc_Html/AssimpDoc.chm.
To build the doxygen documentation on your own, follow these steps:
a) download & install latest doxygen
b) make sure doxygen is in the executable search path
c) navigate to ./doc
d) and run 'doxygen'
Open the generated HTML (AssimpDoc_Html/index.html) in the browser of your choice.
Windows only: To generate the CHM doc, install 'Microsoft HTML Workshop'
and configure the path to it in the DOXYFILE first.
Building Assimp
More detailed build instructions can be found in the documentation,
this section is just for the inpatient among you.
CMake is the preferred build system for Assimp. The minimum required version
is 2.6. If you don't have it yet, downloads for CMake can be found on
Building Assimp with CMake is 'business as usual' if you've used CMake
before. All steps can be done either on the command line / shell or
by using the CMake GUI tool, the choice is up to you.
First, invoke CMake to generate build files for a particular
toolchain (for standard GNU makefiles: cmake -G 'Unix Makefiles').
Afterwards, use the generated build files to perform the actual