Third-party libraries used by RSXGL's sample programs.
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This is a collection of third-party libraries used by some of the examples distributed with the RSXGL project (they're likely useful for creating new PS3 OpenGL programs as well).

To build the libraries for PS3 homebrew, you need a toolchain (rsxgl-portlibs libraries don't depend upon RSXGL itself, or upon the PSL1GHT SDK project). You'll also need cmake and pkg-config installed on your build system.

If you've installed ps3toolchain as it's normally done, the following commands should work:

./configure --host=powerpc64-ps3-elf --prefix=/usr/local/ps3dev/portlibs/ppu
make install

If you want to keep these libraries separate from the other ported libraries installed by ps3toolchain, you can use the following configure command:

./configure --host=powerpc64-ps3-elf --prefix=/usr/local/ps3dev/rsxgl-portlibs/ --with-sdk-directory=/usr/local/ps3dev/portlibs/ppu/

The --with-sdk-directory argument is necessary to find certain libraries that ps3toolchain already provides (such as zlib).

The following libraries are provided: