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Commits on May 7, 2010
  1. QtWebKit 2.0 declare a meta type for QWebElement

    Fix the compilation of Arora with QtWebKit 2.0. QtWebKit 2 already
    declare the meta type, declaring it in Arora results in a clash of
    Benjamin Poulain committed May 7, 2010
Commits on Mar 5, 2010
  1. Enable the raster graphics system by default for X11

    With X11, webkit is faster with the raster engine of Qt.
    Benjamin Poulain committed Mar 5, 2010
Commits on Feb 20, 2010
  1. @icefox

    Improve the included GUI interface for switching user agents.

    - Use QXMLStreamReader to parse the xml file which is faster and does not
    require the as a dependency the xml library.
    - Revert the query to QSettings every time for the user agent in WebPage::userAgentForUrl()
    as this can be hundreds of times per web page, but instead introduce a static function
    to get/set the user agent.
    - Move all the user agent files (source and resource) into the user agent directory.
    - Remove the userAgentMenuAction and DefaultUserAgentAction and use the existing QAction data property to hold the string.
    - Delay creating the menu (memory/startup time etc) until the first requested.
    - Add a way for the user to input whatever user agent they want
    - Add a separator tag to the user agent xml file so the menu can look
    - Add a number of more user agent strings to the default set, mainly Safari.
    icefox committed Feb 19, 2010
  2. @icefox
Commits on Feb 1, 2010
  1. @kreed @icefox
  2. @icefox

    Updates from the maintainer

    icefox committed Jan 31, 2010
Commits on Jan 31, 2010
  1. @kbal @icefox

    Make "Show Hidden Files" translatable.

    kbal committed with icefox Oct 26, 2009
  2. @kbal @icefox

    Renamed Dutch translation file.

    On nl_BE systems, translations didn't get picked up automatically. On the other hand, nl.ts works directly for nl_NL
    and nl_BE.
    Didn't update the file, though.
    kbal committed with icefox Oct 26, 2009
  3. @icefox
  4. @ariya @icefox

    AdBlock dialog: use a simple check box instead of a group box.

    This gets rid the frame (of the group box) which essentially almost
    cover the entire dialog. It looks better without the frame.
    ariya committed with icefox Jan 17, 2010
  5. @mariuz @icefox
  6. @icefox
Commits on Jan 4, 2010
  1. @cg9999 @icefox
Commits on Dec 30, 2009
  1. @icefox

    Remove the delayed QWebView creation optimization as over the years it

    has just caused problems such as this segfault
    Issue: 809
    icefox committed Dec 30, 2009
  2. @icefox
  3. @icefox

    Fix typos in the German translation

    Issue: 811
    icefox committed Dec 30, 2009
  4. @icefox

    Fix spelling mistake

    Issue: 768
    icefox committed Dec 30, 2009
  5. @vipw @icefox

    Sort columns in cookie dialog by data values instead of string value.…

    … This fixes the dates being alphanumerically sorted.
    Issue: 821
    vipw committed with icefox Dec 29, 2009
  6. @icefox

    Release Arora 0.10.2

    icefox committed Dec 5, 2009
  7. @icefox
  8. @icefox

    Add GUI to enable/disable access keys.

    Issue: 823
    Andreas Kling committed with icefox Dec 21, 2009
  9. @icefox
  10. @icefox
Commits on Dec 27, 2009
  1. @kreed

    Fix check for tabs under cursor

    Tabs are not children of TabBar; they are all one widget.
    Issue: 775
    kreed committed with Jakub Wieczorek Nov 8, 2009
  2. @kreed

    Clear search box undo history when clearing search private data

    Issue: 779
    kreed committed with Jakub Wieczorek Nov 8, 2009
  3. Update pt_BR translation from Márcio Moraes.

    Issue: 810
    Jakub Wieczorek committed Dec 27, 2009
Commits on Dec 26, 2009
  1. Fix serialization of tab history: the QWebHistory pointer should be d…

    Issue: 799
    Jakub Wieczorek committed Dec 26, 2009
  2. arora.desktop: change the language code for Polish translation

    from pl_PL to pl so that it gets properly picked up by desktop
    Issue: 797
    Jakub Wieczorek committed Dec 26, 2009
Commits on Dec 6, 2009
  1. @Limoto

    Replace Czech translation with new one from David Kolibáč and make hi…

    …m a maintainer
    Signed-off-by: Jakub Lužný <>
    Limoto committed Dec 6, 2009
Commits on Nov 22, 2009
  1. @mwenge

    guessUrlFromString is not in WebKit. Fix build when compiling

    against webkit trunk and Qt < 4.6.
    mwenge committed with Jakub Wieczorek Nov 22, 2009
Commits on Nov 17, 2009
  1. @biochimia @icefox

    Check return value of webViewIndex in TabWidget::loadUrl

    This fixes a SIGSEGV I was seeing when opening a URL on a new window
    from the command-line.
    biochimia committed with icefox Nov 4, 2009
  2. @icefox

    Add a cookies()/setCookies() pair of functions to the CookieJar and d…

    …on't let the CookieModel be a friend class anymore.
    icefox committed Nov 17, 2009
Commits on Nov 8, 2009
  1. @torarnv

    Fix build against trunk

    torarnv committed with Jakub Wieczorek Nov 2, 2009
Commits on Oct 26, 2009
  1. @icefox
  2. @icefox
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