An administration package for the Laravel framework
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Laravel Architect

Architect is an administration package for the Laravel PHP framework. Think about Architect as somethink like Sonata for Symfony2.


Step zero: include Architect

Include Architect in your composer.json file to use it. Just pick a version number from Packagist and add a row in your "require" section. Done!

Step one: update your composer.json

Your composer.json file must be edited to autoload your administration classes. We strongly recommend to use the PSR-4 notation for autoloading your classes.

"psr-4": {
    "Vendor\\Admin\\": "Vendor/Admin/"

Step two: add the service provider

Add the Architect service provider in your app.php file, as you can see from this example

'providers' => array(

Vendor and Admin can obviously changed depending on your needs.

Step three: publish the package configuration

From your project's root directory use the command

$ php artisan config:publish hart/architect

to export package configuration. The configuration will be copied in your app/config/packages/hart/architect directory, and the default name is config.php.

Step four: edit the configuration

Now you will need to edit the previous file. The only two settings are


return array (

    // namespace for admin classes (add also in composer.json)
    'admin_classes_namespace' => 'YourVendorName\\Admin\\',

    // admin classes names
    'admin_classes' => array(


Add as many Admin classes as you want.