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SimQA: Detecting Simultaneous MT Errors through Word-by-Word Question Answering

This repository contains our Crosslingual Quizbowl Dataset, XQB dataset for the EMNLP 2022 paper that can be found here!

Data Statistics

Language # Question # Sentences
Polish 512 1661
Spanish 148 603


Source Tę współrzędną wyznacza kąt dwuścienny między półpłaszczyzną południka zerowego a półpłaszczyzną południka przechodzącego przez określony punkt na powierzchni Ziemi. Tę miarę liczy się od południka zerowego (Greenwich) aż do południka 180°. Aby otrzymać punkt, nazwij tę długość, która może przyjmować miary od 0° do 180° i może być wschodnia lub zachodnia.
Answer-src Długość geograficzna
Human This coordinate is determined by the dihedral angle found between the half-plane prime meridian and the half-plane meridian which passed through a specific point on the Earth's surface. This measure is counted from the prime meridian (Greenwich) to the 180° meridian. To gain a point, give the name of the length, which can measure between 0° to 180° and can be east or west.
Answer-tgt Longitude
Source W 1899 Halford Mackinder twierdził, że jest pierwszą osobą, która wspięła się na tę górę, a ludzie Kikuju nazywają tę górę Kirinyaga , co oznacza „tę ze strusiem”, podczas gdy Masajowie wierzą, że ich przodkowie zeszli z tej góry na początku czasu. Góra ta jest głównym obszarem zlewiska rzeki Tana, największej rzeki w kraju, która może być również nazywana tak samo jak ta góra. Aby zdobyć punkt, podaj nazwę tej drugiej najwyższej góry w Afryce.
Answer-src Mount Kenia
Human In 1899, Halford Mackinder claimed that he was the first person to climb this mountain, and the people of Kikuyu named this mountain "Mount Kirinyaga", meaning „the one with the ostrich”, while the people of Maasai believe that their ancestors descended from this mountain at the beginning of time. This mountain is the main catchment area of the Tana river, the largest river in the country, which is sometimes refered to by the same name as the mountain. To gain a point, enter the name of the second highest mountain in Africa.
Answer-tgt Mount Kenya


If you use any contents of this repository, please cite us.

    title = "{S}im{QA}: Detecting Simultaneous {MT} Errors through Word-by-Word Question Answering",
    author = "Han, HyoJung  and
      Carpuat, Marine  and
      Boyd-Graber, Jordan",
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing",
    month = dec,
    year = "2022",
    address = "Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates",
    publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
    url = "",
    pages = "5598--5616",
    abstract = "Detractors of neural machine translation admit that while its translations are fluent, it sometimes gets key facts wrong. This is particularly important in simultaneous interpretation where translations have to be provided as fast as possible: before a sentence is complete. Yet, evaluations of simultaneous machine translation (SimulMT) fail to capture if systems correctly translate the most salient elements of a question: people, places, and dates. To address this problem, we introduce a downstream word-by-word question answering evaluation task (SimQA): given a source language question, translate the question word by word into the target language, and answer as soon as possible. SimQA jointly measures whether the SimulMT models translate the question quickly and accurately, and can reveal shortcomings in existing neural systems{---}hallucinating or omitting facts.",


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