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Commits on Nov 19, 2008
  1. Support for nil profile urls (it's unlikely as I suspect Twitter make…

    …s sure that's ok).
    Added end_session method to twitter so we can be nice and log out of the API (not that it really means anything).
    Support missing statuses.
Commits on Nov 17, 2008
  1. Nicer margins on things.

    Anglify the twitter -> shoes colour translation method.
  2. Adding a user lookup that caches, so the timeline should be faster to…

    … display.
    Converting things to take user objects rather than jsut strings for display.
    Converting to using sidebar fill rather than profile fill to colour the tweets, most folk will have a sensible sidebar + text combo, it's unlikely the profile background + text combo will be readable.
  3. Adding correct handling of incorrect credentials (and an anim loop to…

    … shake the login box when it's wrong).
    Adding a logout button.
  4. Ignore things.

  5. First pass (not really, I did a load of hacking before gitting it) of…

    … Talon.
    Can log in!
    Can show the user and their current status.
    Can show the current timeline!
    How, exciting.
  6. first commit

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