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Headwind MDM: Open-Source Mobile Device Management (MDM) System for Android
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Headwind MDM: free and open-source MDM launcher

Starting work

Open the project directory in Android Studio (use default settings).

Debugging on the device

  1. Connect the device by USB

  2. Click "Run 'App'" icon in Android Studio

  3. After successful run, add device owner rights to the app (optional).

    Run in the console

    adb shell

    Run the command in the adb console

    dpm set-device-owner com.hmdm.launcher/.AdminReceiver

Building the APK

Build the APK after you successfully build the app.

  1. Setup the keys for signing the app
  2. Select Build - Generate signed Bundle / APK
  3. Select the place you'd like to save APK

Building the library

  1. Select the 'lib' item in the project tree
  2. Select Build - Make Module 'lib'
  3. Find the library in the 'lib/build/outputs/aar' directory
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