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A static code analysis tool for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Installing the CLI

If you want to install the CLI, you would need to have Deno installed first and then on the command line, you would want to run the following command:

$ deno install --name nocuous --allow-read --allow-net --allow-hrtime --import-map -f

You can also "pin" to a specific version by using nocuous@{version} instead, for example and

The CLI comes with integrated help which can be accessed via the --help flag.

Using the API

If you want to incorporate the API into an application, you need to import it into your code. For example the following will analyze the Deno std assertion library and its dependencies resolving with a map of statistics:

import { instantiate, stats } from "";

await instantiate();

const results = await stats(
  new URL(""),


It is recommended though that you "pin" to a specific version of the library, for example to import from version 1.0.0 you would want to import from


The tool uses swc as a Rust library to parse code and then run analysis over the parsed code. It is then compiled to Web Assembly and exposed as an all-in-one API. Code is loaded via the JavaScript runtime and a resolver can be provided to allow for custom resolution logic.


The statistics collected around code toxicity are based directly on Erik Dörnenburg's article How toxic is your code?.

The default metrics are based on what is suggested in the article. When applying to TypeScript/JavaScript there are some adaptation that is required:

Metric Table Label Description Default Threshold
File length L The number of lines in a file. 500
Class data abstraction coupling CDAC The number of instances of other classes that are "new"ed in a given class. 10
Anon Inner Length AIL Class expressions of arrow functions length in number of lines. 35
Function Length FL The number of statements in a function declaration, function expression, or method declaration. 30
Parameter Number P The number of parameters for a function or method 6
Cyclomatic Complexity CC The cyclomatic complexity for a function or method 10
Binary Expression Complexity BEC How complex a binary expression is (e.g. how many && and `
Missing Switch Default MSD Any switch statements that are missing the default case. 1