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Dashboard containing various recon tools
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Recon Dashboard

Web application containing multiple recon tools all in one easy to use dashboard. This tool requires Aquatone, sslscan and Nmap to be installed.

Ethical Hacking

This application is capable of exploiting remote networks and web applications. If this application is publicly accessible on the internet a malicious user could use your network to commit illegal activity. Don't use this tool to preform attacks on web applications or networks without prior consent.

Recent Updates

  • HaveIBeenPwned data breach result searching implemented
  • Notes are viewed in fullscreen now
  • Note and report editor improved to include markdown preview
  • Report saving is now functional

To Do

  • Add ability to upload report templates
  • Make HTTP Request Editor functional
  • Create a modular solution for adding new CVE's
  • Include a panel containing various local root exploits
  • Implement an exploit panel containing a searchable list of CVE's. Each CVE will include a description, vulnerable software versions and release dates. Each CVE implemented will have it's own exploit panel which will gather user input and then attempt exploitation.
  • Add a panel listing up-to-date public bug bounty programs
  • Create file to install all dependencies

Dashboard Preview

Dashboard Preview


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