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A lint tool for the metasploit framework.

msflint is a static code anlaysis tool to identify potential issues in metasploit modules. msflint is like an advanced version of "msftity.rb". Unlike msftidy, which is based on regular expressions, msflint uses abstract source trees (AST) to analyze the code. This allows an easy creation of complex/advanced quality checks.

It is like msftidy.rb on steroids.

The goal of the tool is to automate as much quality checks as possible and allow contributors to write better modules that can be reviewed faster by the metasploit team, so that pull requests can be merged faster....and to get me a mail address like :-)

Currently the following checks are included/working:

  • bad_indent - Check for bad indentions (like msftidy)
  • empty_rescue_body - Check if the rescue section contains no code
  • file_open_binary - Check to ensure that a file is opened in binary mode
  • for_loop_check - Check for for loops (should be avoided in ruby code)
  • function_basics_check - Check for the number of method parameters (like msftidy)
  • global_variable_check - Check for global variables, according to the wiki a common coding mistake
  • line_length_check - Check for code line length (like msftidy)
  • load_usage_check - Check if "load" is used instead of "require" (like msftidy)
  • name_check - Check for bad variable names like "thisIsMyVariable"
  • ranking_check - Check that the ranking exists and a valid rank is used (like msftidy)
  • request_cgi_check - Check if request_cgi uses vars_post and vars_get
  • unused_parameter_check - Check for parameters that are not called/used
  • update_info_check - Various checks (twitter handles, CVE-entries etc., like msftidy)
  • register_option_check - Check for verbose option registration (like not working)

I will implement additional/outstanding checks during the week:

  • msf_calls_nil_check - Check if calls to the framework are checked against nil
  • encoding_method_check - Check that the Rex::Text methods are used for stuff like base64

If you have any ideas for checks, please let me know.


msflint supports bundler and only requires the 'ruby_parser' gem to analyze the source code:

bundle install

Msflint can be used like msftidy.rb:

./msflint.rb ../path/to/your/metasploit/modul(s)


The code is released under the same license as the metasploit framework. It is a goal of this project to become an official part of the metasploit project (as a replacement for msftidy.rb)


A lint tool for the metasploit framework






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