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package run
import (
// Closer wraps a Runner into a Closer, whose Close method will cancel the
// runner and wait for its exit and return its error
func Closer(runner Runner) io.Closer {
return newCloser(runner, false)
// WaitCloser wraps a Runner into a Closer, whose Close method will wait for
// the runner to exit and return its error
func WaitCloser(runner Runner) io.Closer {
return newCloser(runner, true)
// ErrClosed is returned when the Closer is already closed
var ErrClosed = errors.New("run.Closer: already closed")
type closer struct {
cancel func()
errChan chan error
wait bool
func newCloser(runner Runner, wait bool) io.Closer {
ctx, cancel := context.WithCancel(context.Background())
c := &closer{
cancel: cancel,
errChan: make(chan error, 1),
wait: wait,
go func() {
if err := runner.Run(ctx); err != nil {
c.errChan <- err
// close errChan so that subsequent calls to Close will not block
return c
// Close cancels the internal goroutine for runner, waits for its exit and
// returns the error returned by the runner. Subsequent calls to Close will
// return ErrClosed
func (c *closer) Close() error {
if !c.wait {
err, ok := <-c.errChan
if !ok {
return ErrClosed
return err
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