H2 is an embeddable RDBMS written in Java.
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Welcome to H2, the Java SQL database. Build Status

The main features of H2 are:

  1. Very fast, open source, JDBC API
  2. Embedded and server modes; in-memory databases
  3. Browser based Console application
  4. Small footprint: around 2 MB jar file size

More information: http://h2database.com


H2 Derby HSQLDB MySQL PostgreSQL
Pure Java Yes Yes Yes No No
Memory Mode Yes Yes Yes No No
Encrypted Database Yes Yes Yes No No
ODBC Driver Yes No No Yes Yes
Fulltext Search Yes No No Yes Yes
Multi Version Concurrency Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Footprint (embedded database) ~2 MB ~3 MB ~1.5 MB
Footprint (JDBC client driver) ~500 KB ~600 KB ~1.5 MB ~1 MB ~700 KB