H2HC 2009 Slides/Materials/Presentations
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Alex Kirk - Life Cycle of a Snort Rule - From Vulnerability to Coverage.ppt
Anderson Ramos - Privacidade na era da internet.pptx
Andres Riancho - w3af. A framework to own the web.pdf
Bruno Oliveira - Breaking the perimeter through human stupidity.pdf
Carlos Sarraute - Probabilistic Attack Planning in Network + Webapps Scenarios.pdf
Cesar Cerrudo - Token Kidnapping's Revenge.ppt
Edgar Barbosa - Taint Analysis.pdf
Gustavo Scotti - Ring 0x64.pdf
Jonathan Brossard - Brute-forcing HD Encryption Systems.odp
Juliano Rizzo - Netifera platform demo.pdf
Nelson Brito - The Departed Exploit Next Generation. The Philosophy-br.pdf
Nelson Brito - The Departed Exploit Next Generation. The Philosophy-en.pdf
Nicolas Waisman - Abusing Bitmask.pdf
Paulo Roizman - Ciber-Terrorismo, Hacktivismo religioso.ppt
Philippe Langlois - Toward the HLR, attacking the SS7 & SIGTRAN.pdf
Sebastian Porst - The Reverse Engineering Intermediate Language REIL and its Applications.pdf
Tony Rodrigues - Anti-Anti-Forense.ppt
Wagner Elias - Playing Web Fuzzer.pdf
Weber Ress - Kernel do Windows - Historia, Evolucao e Debug.pdf



H2HC 2009 Slides/Materials/Presentations