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Alex Kirk - Detecting Obfuscated Malicious JavaScript with Snort and Razorback.pdf
Anchises de Paula - Urgente - Hackers causaram a eruopcao do vulcao Eyjafjallajokull.pdf
Andrew Cushman - Strategies for Evolving Threats.pdf
Carlos Sarraute - Finding bugs and publishing advisories - the Core Security way.pdf
Dario Filho - Sandboxes Uncovered - Desmistificando sistemas de analise de malware.pdf
Eric Filiol - Malicious Cryptography Techniques for Unreversable binaries.pdf
Fernando Merces - The EDB Project.pdf
Jonathan Brossard - Generic exploitation of invalid memory writes.pdf
Jordan Bonagura - Ainda quer tc.pdf
Matthieu Suiche - Blue Screen of Death is Dead.pdf
Oliveira & Havelt - Hacking the Fast Lane - security issues in 802.11p, DSRC and WAVE.pdf
Ranieri Romera - Realidade das Botnets Atuais.pdf
Wagner Elias - HTML5 Seguro ou Inseguro.pdf



H2HC 2010 Slides/Materials/Presentations