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Lucas Teske - Satellite Communications Reverse Engineering
Evenchik & Zanero - Risk-based design for.pdf
Felipe Boeira - Android Resiliency Defense Strategy.pdf
Gabriel Barbosa - The intersection between virtualization and security.pdf
Guasch & Choliz - Voting Among Sharks.pdf
Jonathan Brossard - Introduction to the Witchcraft Compiler Collection.pptx
Lenoir & Rigo - Lost your secure HDD PIN, We can help.pdf
Marion Marschalek - Rogue Behavior Detection.pdf
Matrosov & Rodionov - UEFI Firmware Rootkits Myths and Reality.pdf
Schmidt & Butterly - Dumbster Driving.pdf
Shay Gueron - Keynote.pdf
Thiago Valverde - Breaking the bank.pdf



H2HC 2016 Slides/Materials/Presentations