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A simple web app to easy filter out correct lecture times for students. Build using.

  • Ruby => Sinatra and Nokogiri, used primarily to server and parse information

  • Python => To generate some crawler scripts

  • Bash => To automate some cron jobs

Project tree


The base of the server, here you will be abe to find all of the routing used to serve pages as well as some helper programs.

  • s.rb - The main file of the whole thing, this runs the server and managers requests


This is where most of the magic happens.

  • parse.rb - This is where the timetable is parsed and turned into an easily navigatable object.
  • - This is where we generate the Lynx command script to get the timetable
  • - This is the script that the cron manager on the server calls when it's time to get a new timetable


All of the erb templates for pages that may be served up.

  • Index - Is called when the user first lands on the page
  • User - Is called when the user has supplied a valid student ID
  • Feedback - Is called when the user needs to send feedback to us