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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import riprova
# Custom error object
class MyCustomError(Exception):
# Blacklist of errors that should exclusively be retried
blacklist = riprova.ErrorBlacklist([
def error_evaluator(error):
Used to determine if an error is legit and therefore
should be retried or not.
return blacklist.isretry(error)
# In order to define a global blacklist policy that would be used
# across all retry instances, overwrite the blacklist attribute in Retrier.
# NOTE: blacklist overwrites any whitelist. They are mutually exclusive.
riprova.Retrier.blacklist = blacklist
# Store number of function calls for error simulation
calls = 0
# Register retriable operation with a custom error evaluator
# You should pass the evaluator per retry instance.
def mul2(x):
global calls
if calls < 3:
calls += 1
raise RuntimeError('simulated call error')
if calls == 3:
calls += 1
raise Exception('non blacklisted error')
return x * 2
# Run task
except Exception as err:
print('Blacklisted error: {}'.format(err))
print('Retry attempts: {}'.format(calls))