@kazuho kazuho released this Jan 13, 2016 · 3523 commits to master since this release

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This is a new release for 1.6 series, including bug fixes and a security fix.

  • [security fix][redirect] uri-escape the user-supplied portion of the redirect path (CVE-2016-1133) #682 #684 (Kazuho Oku)
  • [core] fix error when trying to set multiple error documents using one error-doc directive #676 (Yamagishi Kazutoshi)
  • [file] fix a bug that incorrectly returns 403 when a file is requested with a trailing slash #686 (Yamagishi Kazutoshi)
  • [http2] fix HPACK encoder error (and crash) when trying to encode a token wo. hpack index #640 (Kazuho Oku)
  • [libh2o] fix race condition during multithread receiver (un)registration #659 (Chul-Woong Yang)
  • [libh2o] fix memory leak on dispose #683 (Kazuho Oku)