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Our own QUIC implementation
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Quicly is a QUIC implementation, written from the ground up to be used within the H2O HTTP server.

The software is licensed under the MIT License.

How to build

% git submodule update --init --recursive
% cmake .
% make
% make check

Building the software requires OpenSSL 1.0.2 or above. If you have OpenSSL installed in a non-standard directory, you can pass the location using the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

% PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/openssl/lib/pkgconfig cmake .

Running quicly

A command-line program (named cli) that runs either as a server or a client cli is provided.

To run the command as a client, specify the peer hostname and port number as the arguments.

% ./cli host port

To run the command as a server, specify the files that contain the certificate and private key, as well as the hostname and the port number to which the server should bind.

% ./cli -c server.crt -k server.key 4433

For more options, please refer to ./cli --help.

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