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"""Using hard-coded dollar amounts x for false positives and y for false negatives, calculate the cost of a model using: `(x * FP + y * FN) / N`"""
import typing
import numpy as np
from h2oaicore.metrics import CustomScorer, prep_actual_predicted
from sklearn.preprocessing import label_binarize
import h2o4gpu.util.metrics as daicx
class CostBinary(CustomScorer):
_description = "Calculates cost per row in binary classification: `(fp_cost*FP + fn_cost*FN) / N`"
_binary = True
_maximize = False
_perfect_score = 0
_display_name = "Cost"
_threshold_optimizer = "f1" # used to get the optimal threshold to make labels
def _metric(tp, fp, tn, fn):
# The cost of false positives and negatives will vary by data set, we use the rules from the below as an example
_fp_cost = 10
_fn_cost = 500
return ((fp * _fp_cost) + (fn * _fn_cost)) / (
tn + fp + fn + tp) # divide by total weighted count to make loss invariant to data size
def protected_metric(self, tp, fp, tn, fn):
return self.__class__._metric(tp, fp, tn, fn)
except ZeroDivisionError:
return 0 if self.__class__._maximize else 1 # return worst score if ill-defined
def score(self,
actual: np.array,
predicted: np.array,
sample_weight: typing.Optional[np.array] = None,
labels: typing.Optional[np.array] = None,
**kwargs) -> float:
if sample_weight is not None:
sample_weight = sample_weight.ravel()
enc_actual, enc_predicted, labels = prep_actual_predicted(actual, predicted, labels)
cm_weights = sample_weight if sample_weight is not None else None
# multiclass
if enc_predicted.shape[1] > 1:
enc_predicted = enc_predicted.ravel()
enc_actual = label_binarize(enc_actual, labels).ravel()
cm_weights = np.repeat(cm_weights, predicted.shape[1]).ravel() if cm_weights is not None else None
assert enc_predicted.shape == enc_actual.shape
assert cm_weights is None or enc_predicted.shape == cm_weights.shape
cms = daicx.confusion_matrices(enc_actual.ravel(), enc_predicted.ravel(), sample_weight=cm_weights)
cms = cms.loc[
cms[[self.__class__._threshold_optimizer]].idxmax()] # get row(s) for optimal metric defined above
cms['metric'] = cms[['tp', 'fp', 'tn', 'fn']].apply(lambda x: self.protected_metric(*x), axis=1, raw=True)
return cms['metric'].mean() # in case of ties