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"""Extract MFCC and spectrogram features from audio files"""
from h2oaicore.transformer_utils import CustomTransformer
import datatable as dt
import numpy as np
class AudioMFCCTransformer(CustomTransformer):
_modules_needed_by_name = ['librosa==0.7.0']
_parallel_task = True # if enabled, params_base['n_jobs'] will be >= 1 (adaptive to system), otherwise 1
_can_use_gpu = True # if enabled, will use special job scheduler for GPUs
_can_use_multi_gpu = True # if enabled, can get access to multiple GPUs for single transformer (experimental)
_numeric_output = True
def is_enabled():
return False
def get_default_properties():
return dict(col_type="text", min_cols=1, max_cols=1, relative_importance=1)
def do_acceptance_test():
return False
def fit_transform(self, X: dt.Frame, y: np.array = None):
return self.transform(X)
#Return MFCC based on spectrogram of audio
def get_mfcc(self,file_path):
import librosa
sampling_rate = 16000
duration = 1 #in secs
hop_length = 347*duration
fmin = 20 #min freq
fmax = sampling_rate // 2 #max freq
n_mels = 128 #number of mels
n_fft = n_mels * 20 #fft window size
padmode = 'constant'
samples = sampling_rate * duration #number of samples
n_mfcc = 13 #number of Mel FCC to use
audio, sr = librosa.load(file_path, sr=sampling_rate)
#Trim silence
if len(audio)> 0:
audio, _ = librosa.effects.trim(audio)
#Trim if audio length > samples
if len(audio) > samples:
audio = audio[0:0+samples]
#Else pad blanks if shorter
padding = samples - len(audio)
offset = padding // 2
audio = np.pad(audio, (offset, samples - len(audio) - offset), padmode)
#Get Mel spectogram of audio
spectrogram = librosa.feature.melspectrogram(audio,
#Convert to log scale (DB)
spectrogram = librosa.power_to_db(spectrogram)
#Get MFCC and second derivatives
mfcc = librosa.feature.mfcc(S=spectrogram, n_mfcc=n_mfcc)
delta2_mfcc =, order=2)
#Append MFCC to spectrogram and flatten
features = np.concatenate((spectrogram,mfcc,delta2_mfcc),axis=0)
X = features.ravel()
return X
spectrogram = np.zeros(((n_mels+2*n_mfcc)*47), dtype=np.float32)
X = spectrogram.ravel()
return X
def transform(self, X: dt.Frame):
import pandas as pd
mels = X.to_pandas().iloc[:, 0].apply(lambda x: self.get_mfcc(x))
col_names = ['X_'+ str(i) for i in range (0,len(mels[0]))]
rows = len(mels)
cols = len(mels[0])
output_df = pd.DataFrame(data=np.reshape(np.concatenate(mels),(rows,cols)),columns=col_names)
return output_df
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