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"""An example of integration with Azure Speech Recognition Service"""
# Custom transformer: AzureSpeechToText
# Inputs:
# - a string column with location of wav files PCM 16bit, max 15seconds
# Outputs:
# - a string column with translation of the wav files or None
# in case of a problem ()
# Environment:
# Contains API key for Azure Speech Service
# Azure region to access Speech Service.
# Default: 'westus'
import datatable as dt
import numpy as np
import os
import typing
from h2oaicore.transformer_utils import CustomTransformer
class AzureSpeechToText(CustomTransformer):
_numeric_output = False
_display_name = 'AzureSpeechToTextTransformer'
_modules_needed_by_name = ["azure-cognitiveservices-speech==1.6.0"]
def get_default_properties():
return dict(col_type="text", min_cols=1, max_cols=1, relative_importance=1)
def do_acceptance_test():
return False
def is_enabled():
return False
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
service_key, service_region = self.get_service_key(), self.get_service_region()
import azure.cognitiveservices.speech as speechsdk
# TODO reject missing configuration or wrong configuration directly
self.speechsdk = speechsdk
self.speech_config = self.get_speech_config(service_key, service_region)
# Custom configuration - here derived from environment.
# However, better option would be to provide an interface
# to access user configuration.
def _get_config_opt(self, name: str, default: str = None) -> str:
return os.getenv(f'DAI_CUSTOM_{self.__class__.__name__}_{name}', default)
def get_service_key(self) -> str:
return self._get_config_opt('SERVICE_KEY')
def get_service_region(self) -> str:
return self._get_config_opt('SERVICE_REGION', 'westus')
def get_speech_config(self, service_key, service_region):
return self.speechsdk.SpeechConfig(subscription=service_key, region=service_region)
def fit_transform(self, X: dt.Frame, y: np.array = None):
return self.transform(X)
def _wav_to_str(self, filename: str) -> typing.Optional[str]:
audio_config =
speech_recognizer = self.speechsdk.SpeechRecognizer(speech_config=self.speech_config, audio_config=audio_config)
result = speech_recognizer.recognize_once()
return result.text if result.reason == self.speechsdk.ResultReason.RecognizedSpeech else None
def transform(self, X: dt.Frame) -> dt.Frame:
# TODO: parallelize
return X.to_pandas().astype(str).iloc[:, 0].apply(lambda s: self._wav_to_str(s))
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