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"""Extract column data using grok patterns"""
import datatable as dt
import numpy as np
from h2oaicore.transformer_utils import CustomTransformer
# Extract data from a composite column record using grok mapping a la logstash
# Example pattern:
_PATTERN = '%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:ts} %{IPV4:ip} %{NUMBER:status:int}: %{LOGLEVEL:level} %{WORD:class} %{DATA}'
# Column name to transform using the pattern above
_COLUMN_TO_PARSE = 'syslog'
# These new columns will be added based on the pattern above:
# syslog_ts, syslog_ip, syslog_status, syslog_level, syslog_class
# CSV example:
# column1,syslog,some_result
# hello,"2011-09-01 11:00:33.4444 200: INFO class1 Some data here 1",0
# hello,"2011-09-02 12:00:33.4444 200: WARN class2 Some data here 2",0
class TextGrokParser(CustomTransformer):
_modules_needed_by_name = ["pygrok==1.0.0"]
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
from pygrok import Grok
self.grok = Grok(_PATTERN)
self.columns = list(self.grok.regex_obj.groupindex.keys())
self.column_to_parse = _COLUMN_TO_PARSE
def get_default_properties():
return dict(col_type="text", min_cols=1, max_cols=1, relative_importance=1)
def do_acceptance_test():
return False
# noinspection PyBroadException
def parse_text(self, text):
x = self.grok.match(text)
return tuple(x[k] for k in self.columns)
except Exception:
return tuple(None for _ in self.columns)
def fit_transform(self, X: dt.Frame, y: np.array = None):
return self.transform(X)
def transform(self, X: dt.Frame):
col_name = X.names[0]
if col_name == self.column_to_parse:
Y = X[col_name].to_list()[0]
Z = dt.Frame([self.parse_text(x) for x in Y], names=[f"{col_name}_{s}" for s in self.columns])
return Z
return X.to_pandas().iloc[:, None]
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