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"""Example implementation of a out-of-fold target encoder (leaky, not recommended)"""
from h2oaicore.transformer_utils import CustomTransformer
import datatable as dt
import numpy as np
from sklearn.preprocessing import LabelEncoder
class MyLeakyCategoricalGroupMeanTargetEncoder(CustomTransformer):
_testing_can_skip_failure = False # ensure tested as if shouldn't fail
_multiclass = False
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self._group_means = None
def get_default_properties():
return dict(col_type="categorical", min_cols=1, max_cols=8, relative_importance=1)
def display_name(self):
return "MyLeakyMeanTargetGroupedBy%s" % ":".join(self.input_feature_names)
def fit_transform(self, X: dt.Frame, y: np.array = None):
target = '__internal_target__'
X[:, target] = dt.Frame(y)
target_is_numeric = X[:, target][:, [bool, int, float]].shape[1] > 0
if target_is_numeric:
self._group_means = X[:, dt.mean(dt.f[target]),*self.input_feature_names)]
X[:, target] = dt.Frame(LabelEncoder().fit_transform(X[:, target].to_pandas().iloc[:, 0].values).ravel())
self._group_means = X[:, dt.median(dt.f[target]),*self.input_feature_names)]
del X[:, target]
self._group_means.key = self.input_feature_names
return self.transform(X)
def transform(self, X: dt.Frame):
return X[:, :, dt.join(self._group_means)][:, -1]