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Using H2O from Python


  • Python 2.7 or 3.5
  • Numpy 1.9.2 or greater

This module depends on requests, tabulate, and scikit-learn modules, all of which are available on pypi:

$ pip install requests
$ pip install tabulate
$ pip install scikit-learn

Downloading and Installing

You can always download the latest stable version of the h2o Python package from the following page:

Review the installation instructions on the download page.

Alternatively, you can build the h2o Python package from source (see below).

Building it yourself

The Python package is built as part of the normal build process.

Clone the h2o-3 repository on GitHub.

In the top-level h2o-3 directory, use $ ./gradlew build.

To build the Python component by itself, first type $ cd h2o-py, and then type $ ../gradlew build.