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This directory contains scripts to launch an H2O cluster in EC2.

STEP 1: Set up Amazon Credentials

  • Add key info to ~/.bash_profile:
# EC2 keys
export AWS_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE="/path/to/private_key.pem"
  • Source the file:
source ~/.bash_profile

STEP 2: Install python 2 and boto, if necessary

STEP 3: Build a cluster of EC2 instances

  • Edit to suit your specific environment.
  • Particularly, you can update the key name, instance type, number of worker nodes, and the instance name:
keyName = 'SSH key pair name'
numInstancesToLaunch = 4
instanceType = 'm3.2xlarge'
instanceNameRoot = 'h2o-instance'
spotBid = '1.35'

Note: After following steps 1-3 (where you set up your environment) you can run the scripts within the repo using the following command: ./ or you can do it manually by following steps 4-5.

Note: If you fail to initialize a cluster instance, then you should Terminate the instance before re-trying to prevent a refusal of connection.

STEP 4: Start H2O Cluster

  • After changing the previous run the following to build a cluster of EC2 instances manually:

Note: If using Spot requests and your spot bid is too low, the entire request will be automatically cancelled for you.

  • Below will distribute the h2o.jar file to all the worker nodes, along with your AWS credentials and then start the H2O cluster. Note, the h2o.jar is reflective of the latest stable build from H2O.

STEP 5: Point your browser to H2O

Point your web browser to the following:

  • http://any one of the public DNS node addresses:54321 or http://any one of the public DNS node addresses:54322 for H2O Flow
  • http://any one of the public DNS node addresses:8787 for RStudio
  • Note: An example of a DNS is as follows: This can be found in your AWS console under Public DNS or in your terminal output next to Starting on node [x].

Stopping and restarting H2O

  • ./
  • ./

Control files (generated when starting the cluster and/or H2O)

    A list of H2O nodes by public DNS name.

    A list of H2O nodes by private AWS IP address.

    A list of H2O nodes by (private) IP address and port.

latest (produced by
    Latest build number for the requested branch.

project_version (produced by
    Full project version number for the requested build.

core-site.xml (produced by ./ (produced by ./
    AWS credentials copied to each instance.

Stopping/Terminating the cluster

Go to your Amazon AWS console and do the operation manually.

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