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RSparkling: Use H2O Sparkling Water from R (Spark + R + Machine Learning)
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R Updated RSparkling release table Jul 10, 2018
inst/examples add an example of using sparkling-water in YARN Jul 24, 2017
man 🔥 [HOTFIX]: Remove install_h2o(). Doest not comply well while rsparkl… Feb 3, 2017
tests Need to do CRAN check before any other testing (#86) May 22, 2018
.Rbuildignore Need to do CRAN check before any other testing (#86) May 22, 2018
.gitignore Update release process for RSparkling (#90) Jun 26, 2018
.gitlab-ci.yml Adding R test jobs for GitLab CI Dec 14, 2016
.travis.yml Prepare for release (#83) May 22, 2018
NAMESPACE Prep for 0.2.4 release (#85) May 22, 2018 Announce moving of RSParkling to Sparkling Water REPO Jul 19, 2018

Rsparkling has been moved to Sparkling Water REPO

Please submit issues, questions and PRs in the new location. The current repo is not maintained.

The repository has been moved for several reasons, mainly to improve the integrations with Sparkling Water and for the stability reasons.

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