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Contributing to Steam

Steam is an open source project released under the GNU Affero General Public License. Open Source projects live by their user and developer communities. We welcome and encourage your contributions of any kind!

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Some of the most valuable contributions that you can make are to report bugs and make feature requests. The development work on Steam is largely driven by these, so please make your voice heard!

All bugs and feature requests get added to the [JIRA tracking system] ( (under the "PUBSTEAM" project), where you can track their progress. You can also vote for bugs and feature requests that are already logged in JIRA. To vote for a JIRA issue, log in the the H2O JIRA tracking system (create an account if necessary), find or create the issue that you want to vote for, then click the Vote for this issue link (upper right portion of the issue). Voting can help H2O prioritize the features that are included in each release.

Note: Bug reports are most helpful if you send us a script (and including data or a link to the data if relevant) which reproduces the problem.

Help and Documentation

You can help others directly and help improve the resources that others read to learn and use Steam by contributing to the formal documentation or the forums. There are several places that users find information about using Steam:

Formal Documentation

All of the documentation comes directly from the source tree in GitHub. To contribute improvements to the formal documentation you can either:

  • send the suggestions or changes to or h2ostream, or
  • use Git to make the changes yourself and submit them via a pull request


Answering questions for other users on h2ostream, Stack Overflow, and other forums builds the community knowledge base and is a very valuable contribution to H2O. Thank you in advance for your support!