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Wave Twitter Sentiment Application

This application allows you to search for Twitter hashtags and do sentiment analysis using VaderSentiment

Twitter-Sentiment App Screenshot - Login Screen Twitter-Sentiment App Screenshot - Home Page

Running this App Locally

System Requirements

  1. Python 3.6+
  2. pip3
  3. JRE 11+ (needed to run H2O-3)
  4. NodeJS (Only needed for Run integration tests on local machine)

1. Run the Wave Server

New to H2O Wave? We recommend starting in the documentation to download and run the Wave Server on your local machine. Once the server is up and running you can easily use any Wave app.

2. Setup Your Python Environment

git clone
cd wave-apps/twitter-sentiment
make setup

3. Run the App

make run

4. View the App

Point your favorite web browser to localhost:10101

Running in the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud

This application uses an app secret for the Twitter login credentials so that it can be entered automatically upon the start of the app, avoiding manual/client login.

h2o secret create twitter-sentiment-secrets --from-literal=consumer_key=<CONSUMER KEY> --from-literal=consumer_secret=<CONSUMER SECRET> --from-literal=access_token=<ACCESS TOKEN> --from-literal=access_token_secret=<ACCESS TOKEN SECRET>