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Useful information for playing with X4Foundations
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h2odragon's X4 Foundations Notes

Information and links to facilitate the enjoyment of the game.

This repo may contain anything else useful I thought to throw here as a reference.



Hacking References



Publishing on Steam


Hacking Notes

Gameplay References

Gameplay Tips

  • There's an Advanced Orders tab. It allows access to more orders and more options on all orders, as well as the ability to queue multiple orders at once. Forum Thread pointed out by @mewosmith

    To access: configure a control to open the chat window, open it, enter /thereshallbewings, close it. This is a 'controls' type setting which will persist across restarts and new games.

  • You can rename ships. Click the name twice in the "Information" window and it becomes editable.

  • Stations can be renamed in the 'Plan Build' / 'Station Configuration' Screen by clicking the name at the top.

  • HOWTO add your own ship logo

  • SHIFT or CTRL + mouseclick to select multiple ships on the property list. Useful when assigning multiple ships to a commander.

  • Docking manually and with computer

  • Satellites can be collected. You have to fly to within 400m of it, target it, right-click on the map, and a "deactivate" option is available. after the satellite is deactivated it can be collected by flying into it. Or you could use the CollectDeployables command in DragonCommands

  • The Captain's Ledger - How to make money pirating; hacking station cargoes, black marketers, etc.

  • With the 2.5 release, the speed at which shipyards build ships is no longer coupled to populations, but to the number of build drones present on the station. More build drones == faster build times.

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