Cross-Platform Mvvm Platform for MonoTouch, MonoDroid, WP7 and WinRT. Includes databinding support for Android XML, for MonoTouch XIBs and for MonoTouch.Dialog. The vNext branch is now live!
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MvvmCross v3

This project provides a cross-platform mvvm mobile development framework built on top of:

  • Silverlight for WP7, WP8
  • Mono for Android (or Xamarin.Android)
  • MonoTouch for iOS (or Xamarin.iOS)
  • the WinRT XAML framework for Windows 8 Store apps.
  • WPF
  • Mono for Mac (or Xamarin.Mac)

This project makes extensive use of Portable Class Libraries to provide maintainable cross platform C# native applications.

Getting started

I have started a tutorial series entitled N+1 Days of MvvmCross starting with the basics of your first MvvmCross application and covering lists, commands, binding, and more with samples for each device. The code for N+1 Days of MvvmCross is available on GitHub

For more info and articles - see the wiki:

For more samples, see:

About MvvmCross...

This project was born from:

Here is the framework in action for the sqlbits conference app:

sql bits

Public projects that have used this framework include:


This is the third version of the MvvmCross platform - v3.

For more info on what this version specifically aims to provide, see:

If you are looking for the "older" version of MvvmCross, then it's still available and still receiving updates on the master branch at

How to get involved

If you have questions, then please ask them on StackOverflow with tag mvvmcross -

Alternatively, people on Xamarin forums can be very helpful -

There is a Jabbr room - on - but please ask questions on StackOverflow if you can - this helps make the questions and the answers better!

If I haven't seen your question and no-one else has helped, then you can also contact me - me at slodge dot com - but please be patient with me if I'm busy with work.

If you need professional support, then please do contact me - I work freelance and can assist. Please do consider hiring me - everyone likes 'free', but I'm worth paying for :)

If you find bugs or have feature requests, then please report them through GitHub -

If you would like to help make MvvmCross even better, then please do:

  • new code - including pull requests via GitHub - or you can fork the project and build your own extensions
  • new plugins - can be hosted in your own repositories
  • please do blog about your adventures with MvvmCross - we're currently very light on documentation!
  • if you use the framework, then please let me know - we love to see what people are doing with it.


This project is developed and distributed under Ms-Pl - see


Thanks to McCannLondon for sponsoring the initial part of this work -

Thanks to lots of people for their input over time - will add to this list...

Thanks to JetBrains for a community Resharper license to use on this project.

Thanks to Infragistics for a control license for Nuclios and .Net.

If you want to support this project, please do get in touch!