Dead simple email notification system
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Dead simple email notification system


Allows easy configuration of notifications and management of email templates.

Project goals

  • Allow administrators to setup email notifications on any models without programming knowledge
  • Allow administrators to create and modify email templates easily
  • Be as simple and unobtrusive as possible to setup

Similar projects

If this project does not fit your needs, you might want to look at django-notification.

Key differences between django-courier and django-notification:

  • No need to setup notifications from Python
  • Email templates are stored in database
  • Email templates are rendered using Django template system (with the sender object as context)
  • Everything is manageable from the admin interface
  • Transparent integration with django-modeltranslation

Known issues

  • If you set an EmailNotification on the User model on create and modified signal, you will get a created AND a modified notification upon User creation. This is related to the way the User model are created (I guess).
  • Compatible with only with Django >= 1.3


This project was created and is sponsored by:

Motion Média (