This is my personal attempt on reverse engineering the Tetris gameboy.
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Reverse Engineering the GameBoy Tetris

This is my first attempt at rever engineering something "big".

The tools and documentations that I used are listed below:




There data folder contains a dump from my own emulator with the code that was executed during a test.

Each line corresponds to one byte at the address space of the gameboy. Empty lines mean:

  • That there is code that wasnt executed
  • That there is data there
  • Or that in the line before there was an instruction that was more than 1 byte long

All the code related comments is stored as a comment in the respective line. For functions I added a small header with some info.

This file has some information on some memory locations. This file has a list of the functions.


If you want to do so, plase do a pull request. You can also findme on EmuDev's Slack.


This work is released in a CC-BY-SA license.