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v0.2.0 – May 9th 2010

11 Features Implemented

ID Description


A new highlight macro is available to highlight source code (CodeRay or UltraViolet requireed).


It is now possible to use Glyph programmatically via the new Glyph#filter and Glyph#compile methods.


It is now possible to define snippets inside a Glyph source file using the snippet: macro.


It is now possible to change configuration settings inside a Glyph source file using the config: macro macro (Jabbslad).


It is now possible to compile a single Glyph source file without creating a Glyph project.


6 new macros have been defined to allow conditional processing (condition macro, eq macro, not macro, and macro, or macro, match macro)


It is now possible to add validators to macros, for example to check the number of parameters they take.


The compile command command can now take an extra --auto switch to trigger document auto-regeneration whenever a source file is changed (koraktor).


Added a document.draft setting. If set to true, comments and TODOs are rendered in output files.


Glyph CSS files are no longer copied to new projects, but they can be referenced as if they were (see also #93).


It is now possible to define Glyph macros within Glyph source files using the macro: macro.

8 Bugs Fixed

ID Description


Warning and error messages have been updated, and it is now possible to show additional debug information. Additionally, syntax errors are now handled before the document is processed.


Default css files were not copied when creating a new project. The issue has been resolved by allowing the style macro to reference Glyph’s system styles (see also #100).


The config command did not save data to YAML configuration files. This has been fixed ensuring that internal configuration overrides are not saved to the YAML file too.


Glyph is now fully compatible with Ruby 1.9.1 and JRuby 1.4.0.


Additional tests have been developed to improve Textile support. There should no longer be errors when using textile block elements inside Glyph macros.


Fixed a bug that caused test failures when deleting the test project directory.


Nested Glyph macros calling Macro#interpret no longer ignore escape delimiters.


Added the possibility to encode (using the encode macro) and decode (using the decode macro) macros so that they can be interpreted later.

v0.1.0 – April 8th 2010

Initial release.

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