H3RALD Web Site


H3RALD Web Site

H3RALD.com was created in 2004 by Fabio Cevasco, a technical writer, programmer and IT enthusiast. It features over a hundred articles covering a wide range of topics, from programming to writing, productivity and even traveling.

As of version 8, H3RALD.com is a completely static web site, except for a few AJAX calls. All the files are generated automatically thanks to the nanoc publishing system, an ingenious creation of Denis Defreyne. Nanoc can be used to easily create static web sites using Ruby, as explained in this article.


The articles and all the content published on this web site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. For other uses, please contact us.

Creative Commons License

The source code of this web site, such as its layout, SASS/CSS stylesheets, custom rake tasks and code is licensed under the terms of the MIT License and it is available on GitHub.


The following ruby libraries (gems) are used to compile this web site:

  • nanoc, to generate the entire web site
  • extlib, in some custom Rake tasks
  • bb-ruby, for the BBCode filter
  • builder, to create RSS and ATOM feeds
  • sass, for the SASS filter
  • coderay, for syntax highlighting
  • glyph, for the Glyph filter

Additionally, the following gems were necessary to migrate from the previous version of this web site, powered by the Typo blogging engine:


Special thanks to the following people, who made this web site possible: