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" Vim syntax file
" Language: min
" Maintainer: Fabio Cevasco
" Last Change: 13 Feb 2021
" Version: 0.33.0
if exists("b:current_syntax")
setl iskeyword=@,36-39,+,-,*,.,/,:,~,!,48-57,60-65,94-95,192-255
setl iskeyword+=^
syntax keyword minDefaultSymbol ! != $ % & && ' * + - -> -inf . .. / : :: < <= =% =-= == ==> => =~ > >< >= >> ? @ ROOT ^ abs accept acos aes all? and any? append apply apply-interpolate args asin ask atan atime avg bind bitand bitnot bitor bitxor boolean boolean? capitalize case cd ceil chmod choose chr clear clear-stack cleave close column-print compiled? concat confirm connect cons cos cosh cp cpu crypto ctime d2r datetime ddel ddup debug decode decode-url define defined-sigil? defined-symbol? delete-sigil delete-symbol dequote dget dhas? dict dictionary? difference dip dir? dirname div dkeys download dpairs dpick drop dsdelete dset dsget dshas? dsinit dspost dsput dsquery dsread dstore dswrite dtype dup dvalues e encode encode-url env? error escape eval even? exists? exit expect expect-all expect-any expect-empty-stack fappend fatal file? filename filter find first flatten float float? floor foreach format-error fperms fread from-json from-semver from-yaml fs fsize fstats ftype fwrite get get-content get-env get-stack getchr gets hardlink harvest help hidden? http id if import in? indent indexof inf infix-dequote info insert integer integer? interpolate intersection invoke io join keep lambda lambda-bind last length line-info linrec listen lite? ln load load-symbol log10 log2 logic loglevel loglevel? lowercase ls ls-r map map-reduce mapkey match math md4 md5 med mini? mkdir mod mtime mv nan net newline nip not notice now null? num number? odd? one? operator opts or ord os over parent-scope parse parse-url partition password pi pick pop pow pred prefix prefix-dequote prepend print product prompt publish put-env putchr puts quit quotation? quote quote-map quotesym r2g raise random randomize range raw-args recv recv-line reduce regex reject remove remove-symbol repeat replace replace-apply request require rest return reverse rm rmdir rolldown rollup round run save-symbol saved-symbols scope scope-sigils scope-symbols seal-sigil seal-symbol sealed-sigil? sealed-symbol? search search-all semver-inc-major semver-inc-minor semver-inc-patch semver? send seq set set-stack sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 shl shorten shr sigil-help sigils sin sinh sip size sleep slice socket sort source split spread sqrt stack start-server stop-server str string string? stringlike? strip substr succ suffix sum swap swons symbol-help symbols symlink symlink? symmetric-difference sys system take tan tanh tap tau tformat time timeinfo times timestamp titleize to-json to-semver to-timestamp to-yaml trunc try type type? typealias union unless unmapkey unseal-sigil unseal-symbol unzip uppercase version warn when which while with xor zip || ~
syntax match minDefaultSigil ;\<[/:@'~!?$%&=<>#^*#+]; contained
syntax match minQuote ;\<['];
syntax match minQuotedBinding ;#;
syntax match minBinding ;@;
syntax keyword minCommentTodo TODO FIXME XXX TBD contained
syntax match minComment /;.*$/ contains=minCommentTodo
syntax region minComment start=;#|; end=;|#; contains=minCommentTodo
syntax match minNumber ;[-+]\=\d\+\(\.\d*\)\=;
syntax keyword minBoolean true false
syntax region minString start=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\$"+ end=+"+
syntax region minSigilSymbol start=;\<[/:@'~!?$%&=<>^*#+]; end=;\>; contains=minDefaultSigil
syntax region minQuotedSymbol start=;\<[']; end=;\>; contains=minQuote
syntax region minBoundSymbol start=;@; end=;\>; contains=minBinding
syntax region minQuotedBoundSymbol start=;#; end=;\>; contains=minQuotedBinding
syntax match minSymbol ;[a-zA-Z._][a-zA-Z0-9/!?+*._-]*;
syntax match minParen ;(\|)\|{\|};
syntax match minSharpBang /\%^#!.*/
" Highlighting
hi default link minComment Comment
hi default link minCommentTodo Todo
hi default link minString String
hi default link minSigilSymbol String
hi default link minNumber Number
hi default link minBoolean Boolean
hi default link minDefaultSymbol Statement
hi default link minQuote Delimiter
hi default link minBinding Delimiter
hi default link minQuotedBinding Delimiter
hi default link minDefaultSigil Delimiter
hi default link minSymbol Identifier
hi default link minQuotedSymbol Special
hi default link minBoundSymbol Special
hi default link minQuotedBoundSymbol Special
hi default link minParen Special
hi default link minSharpBang Preproc
let b:current_syntax = "min"