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Tachyon is a Fast Multi-Threaded Web Discovery Tool.

The main goal of tachyon is to help webadmins find leftover files in their
site installation, permission problems and web server configuration errors.

It is not a vulnerability scanner, or a web crawler.

It provides:
 - Plugin support
 - SSL support
 - Tor support (trough privoxy)
 - Robots.txt support
 - Common directory lookup
 - Fast Multi-Threaded execution
 - Automatic variable rate limiter
 - Recursive scanning

- A mainstream OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
- Python 2.6+
- urllib3 (~# easy_install urllib3)

HOW TO HELP (for sysadmins)
- Run tachyon on your domain
- Run a recursive directory listing of your domain (I don't need to know what is the domain)
- Send me the result list and the directory listing

- Add empty file detection/tagging
- Fix TOR support.
- Filter targets to remove duplicate scan
- Parseable output for GUI integration (better stats system for live stats)
- Add an match-string=404 mechanism for edge cases
- Add heuristic to limit false positives on recursive mode over bogus install (WEB-INF\***)
- Add callbacks method to plugins
- Support files in robots plugin
- Add support for non-xml /.svn/entries files
- Sitemap.xml plugin

Using tor
- Under Ubuntu:
	- sudo apt-get install tor, privoxy
	- open /etc/privoxy/conf, go to section 5.2, uncomment the line concerning Tor on localhost
	- sudo service privoxy restart
- Enable the tor switch in tachyon 
- Be patient, it will be a lot slower.