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Steps for a correct deployment:

  1. Install Docker Platform in your server (
  2. Install Docker Compose in the same server as point 1 (
  3. Clone the repository to any location you like
  4. Enter the main folder of the cloned repository
  5. Rename ".env-example" file to ".env"
  6. Edit the file ".env" with the correct values for your HEI (Please note the after the "=" your string should not contain any spaces!!)
  7. In a terminal window, execute the following command to build the container: a) docker-compose build ewp-rest
  8. In a terminal window, execute the following command to start the container: a) docker-compose up ewp-rest (if you put -d option it will detach from the terminal)
  9. Should be up and running. Try to access the https://domain_you_chose:port_you_chose/rest/manifest on your browser